The Simple Facts About Sleep Apnea and How to Deal With It

An Overview of Sleep Apnea:

Irregular breathing, low breathing or no breathing at all from time to time are the symptoms that describe sleep apnea the best. It is an issue for many people around the globe. There are few ways to treat sleep apnea. These days doctors are well familiar with this disease and can effectively help deal with it. However, the best way for choosing the best sleep apnea treatment is by identifying the type of apnea first. Knowing the exact type of apnea is of big importance when choosing the proper treatment. Obstructive, central and mixed apnea are the three types of this condition.

Types of Sleep Apnea:

Obstructive apnea is the most common type. It happens as a result of over-relaxed muscles around the throat. The relaxed muscles are the ones that obstruct regular breathing. Everyone with excessive soft tissue around the throat at some point can expect to be faced with apnea. The important thing to understand is that sooner the sleep apnea is treated the better. That is so because that can easily lead to other more serious complications. Low blood oxygen and sleep deprivation usually are direct results of it. Even though this disease is more often seen with men it can easily effect both women and children. People with diabetes, smokers, elder people and people with weight issues are considered as high risk groups of people who can develop sleep apnea. Fatigue, restless sleep and loud snoring are the most common symptoms of this type of apnea.

Central apnea is the second type that occurs as a result of lack of balance of the brain respiratory control centers during sleep. It is a much sever condition and if not treated can lead to heart problems, seizures, brain damage or even sudden death. Here the body doesn’t fight or struggle to breath due to the brain malfunction. That means even though the organism will function improperly the brain doesn’t see it as such and nothing is done. Mixed or Complex apnea is the third condition that as the name suggests is a mixture of the previous two conditions. In cases when obstructive apnea is longstanding and severe, central apnea sometimes develops as well. However, for many cases mixed apnea develops as a result of narcotics use.

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Sleep apnea can be treated in many ways. There are different treatments for the different types of apnea. For some people simple changes in their lifestyle can help them to get rid of this condition and for some medical treatment is a must. Sometimes adjusting the sleeping position, losing some weight, quitting smoking can help deal with the condition. On the other hand if that doesn’t help there are medical treatments that can effectively deal with the condition. For some cases sleeping mask is the easiest solution. The sleeping mask covers the nose and the mouth of the patient and is connected to a machine that pumps air. By doing so the process of breathing is once again normal and not interrupted as if would-been without it. In some cases dental retainers are used to prevent this condition. They effectively eliminate obstructions and in time help the apnea to be fully cured. In case nothing mentioned works, surgery can help. The apnea surgery includes cleaning the airway paths and removing the adenoids and tonsils. However, it is recommended to do the surgery only in cases where nothing else works.

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