Why You Need a Treadmill Mat

Treadmill mats are very commonly forgotten when people purchase a new treadmill. Sadly, when they get home, set up their new fitness equipment, and start using it, they then realize that they forgot a very important accessory. Fortunately, a good mat does not cost very much (less than $50), and you can maybe even talk the salesperson into throwing one in for free if you purchase both items together from the same store (if you are a decent salesperson yourself).

Without proper padding, even small usage on a treadmill can wreak havoc on someone’s floor, especially if that floor is wood or laminate. Even carpet floors can be destroyed by the used of a treadmill. Since no type of flooring is cheaper than $50, it makes sense to pay for that ounce of prevention up front. The only exception to this would be if you are placing the equipment directly on a concrete floor–then you don’t have to worry about the floor, but you do have to worry about the condition of the treadmill.

The best treadmill mats also provide cushioning and care for the treadmill itself, especially for heavy users. A good 3/4 inch thick treadmill mat can do wonders for keeping the treadmill balanced and will help reduce wear and tear that is inevitable over time to the machine. Nothing is worse than having a wonderful treadmill break down or be wobbly as you run because it has become warped over time. For this reason it’s best to get a mat for your treadmill no matter where you will be placing it.

Source by Justin C Taylor