Treatment For Delayed Ejaculation

In order to determine the best delayed ejaculation treatment, your doctor will need to figure out whether this condition is because of an underlying health problem, a psychological disorder or any other concern. The treatment method will depend on the root cause, but might include taking a prescription medication or changing the medications that you are currently using, going through psychological counseling or dealing with illegal drug usage or alcohol abuse.

Prescription medications

Your doctor might give you medications as the best treatment option, especially if you are taking some sort of antidepressant which is inducing the problem. In some cases lowering the dosage of a prescription medication or changing medications might help. For some patients, adding a medicine might have the desired effect. Many medications utilized to take care of delayed ejaculation will be used mainly for additional conditions.

Some of the medications recommend by doctors include things like:

Amantadine or Symmetrel

Buspirone, Vanspar or BuSpar)

Bupropion (Wellbutrin) and more

Cyproheptadine or Periactin


Psychotherapy or Psychological counseling

Psychotherapy will help by dealing with the actual mental health issues bringing about the delayed climaxing, such as anxiety or depression. This is also used to deal with psychological issues which directly impact on your capability to ejaculate.

This might involve visiting mental health counselor or psychologist on your own or perhaps together with your spouse or partner. Based on the underlying causes, you might benefit more if you are getting treatment from a sex therapist, who is a mental health therapist who specializes in providing talk therapy to cure sexual dysfunctions. The kind of counseling that will be most effective for your condition will be dependent on your unique concerns.

Source by Colin Scott