The MLM Dream Stealers

One of the biggest hurdles for new recruits to MLM to overcome are the Dream Stealers, the so called well intentioned friends or relatives who will try to talk recruits into quitting or not even starting in the first place. Let’s call this band of people “Larry & the Dream Stealers”.

There are many reasons why Larry & the Dream Stealers will try to talk people out of joining, or quitting, MLM, but I believe the main reason is simply ignorance. You see Larry doesn’t understand what MLM, or Network Marketing as it is also known, is all about. Like the majority of people Larry only understands the concept of going to work & being paid for the hours spent doing work for an employer, so anything that doesn’t conform to this method is regarded, at best as suspicious, and at worst simply a Scam.

When a MLM recruit tries to explain the new business they are thinking of getting, or are already, involved with, Larry immediately dismisses the idea & will take delight in informing the recruit that they are involved in some sort of scam or pyramid scheme. As a new recruit you need to be aware that this will happen & be prepared for it. A simple response would be to ask Larry what is a pyramid scheme? In all likelihood he will have no idea, but he’s sure that’s what you are involved with.

It’s a fact of life that people are scared, or suspicious of anything that they don’t understand & will take great steps to avoid what they don’t understand. When as a new recruit you start approaching your warm market, your friends & family, some of them will not understand the concept of Network Marketing & so will try & undermine your confidence in your new business to try & protect you by getting you to quit. It is vitally important that you have enough posture & self-confidence to assure “Larry” that you are involved with a legitimate business model & that you are determined to succeed whether they join you or not.

Let’s look at a few facts & figures about Network Marketing; The industry is responsible for over $167 Billion in worldwide sales every year, this is more than the Gaming Industry ( $67 Billion ) & the Movie Industry ( $80 Billion ) put together. Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Bill Clinton & Tony Blair are all supporters of Network Marketing. Indeed when Donald Trump was asked recently what he would do if he had it to do all over again, his matter-of-fact, one-line answer was: “I would get into network marketing.” There is lots of proof around to support the MLM recruits choice of industry so you should not have any problems dismissing or allaying Larry’s suspicion or negativity.

Another way Larry & the Dream Stealers operate is to make promises that they have no intention of keeping. As a MLM recruit you will be inviting people to meetings so they can take a look at your opportunity. The meetings are usually held at local hotels, where some experienced company reps will present a “Career Opportunity” to the gathered guests. Larry & the Dream Stealers have promised you that they will be there to meet you & take a look at your opportunity, however there will be occasions when nobody you have invited turns up. This can be very disheartening in the beginning, however just remember one thing, it is not you they are turning down, but your company or opportunity, do not take it personally & move on.

In summing up, as long as you are forewarned of Larry & the Dream Stealers then they cannot succeed in taking away your Dream.

Source by John Mac