Get Pregnant Fast – 10 Super Quick and Easy Steps

So you are seeking to get pregnant and you want to do everything you can to get it done as quickly as possible? Here are some super easy steps to help ensure that you will get pregnant fast!

1. Make sure you communicate your plans with your partner. He is going to have a major role in the process so you better make sure he is on board with you.

2. Stop using all birth control. Those days are over for awhile. It also is a good idea for you and your partner to have a complete physical beforehand to make sure there are not any potential health or infertility issues and that you are both cleared of all STDs.

3. Get an ovulation calculator and find out your prime days to get pregnant. Mark them on a calendar. You only have a 3-5 day “window of fertility”, midway between your last and next period. These are your best days to get pregnant so you want to be sure not to miss them.

4. Check with your nutritionist for some good fertility supplements and herbs. Zinc is a great supplement for healthy, vibrant sperm and there are all types of Chinese herbs that are worth investigating.

5. Exercise and maintain a healthy diet. Be prepared! You are going to be having quite a bit of sex for about 5 days in a row. Make sure the two of you are in great physical condition! This will not only help with the conception but also the pregnancy and leads to an easier recovery after the baby is born. Not to mention the impact it will have on your overall attitude, which is key to success on all levels!

6. Get into meditating and visualizing your success. Reducing stress is one of the key factors to successfully conceive. Along with exercise, meditation is a proven stress reducer. During your meditation, visualize your sperm successfully fertilizing your egg! Remember, we are trying everything we can to get pregnant fast!

7. Make it fun! Don’t get too serious. You and your partner are on an amazing adventure together. Try to keep that in perspective as you are working together to conceive. Do everything you can to enjoy the ride!

8. Have sex in the missionary position only and stand on your head for 20 minutes when finished. Just kidding about standing on your head, although, you do want to do everything you can to make sure gravity works with you on helping the sperm swim up to your uterus. Having sex standing up or with you on top doesn’t help the process. I know you are trying to get pregnant fast but try to make sure your partner stays in you for a few minutes after he ejaculates and elevate your hips with a pillow for about 15 minutes when you’re finished.

9. Do what you can to have orgasms along with your partner. (Oh, what a bummer!) The contractions will help move the sperm along!

10. Have lots and lots of sex! At least 3-5 times daily during the days you have selected earlier as your best days to get pregnant. You may want to make sure your partner has plenty those little blue pills! (re-read step #5)

There are your 10 super quick and easy steps. Now what are you still doing reading this? Get your partner and get on with it! Reading is definitely not going to help you get pregnant fast!

Source by Tammi Ford