3 Popular Baby Muslim Girl Names and Their Meanings

When a Muslim baby child is born, it is usually given an Arabic name. It is quite common for a baby Muslim girl name to be that of a prophet, or that of a combination of names of God (Asmaul Husna). Another practice is to give a name from history or older traditional names. Muslim culture takes the naming of their girls seriously. They believe that the name will have a significant impact on the girl’s life.

Religiously, the name given to a baby girl should be good, beautiful and righteous. This is strongly echoed in the Prophet’s words who said “On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers’ names, so give yourselves good names.”

It is without a doubt that Maya is the most famous name given to Muslim baby girls. The name traces its origin from the Arab region. Basically, Maya means a beautiful princess. It can also means mother.

Another popular name for girls in the Muslim community is Leila. It also traces its roots in the Arab region and its Arabic meaning is “night”. It also means “dark beauty” and so its believed that the bearer of the namewill grow up to be a beauty to behold.

Aaliyah is another name commonly found within the Muslim community. Its Arabic meaning is going up (or someone always aiming for top).

Since a name will accompany the child the rest of their lives, it is imperative to name a child with an honorable and beautiful name. Maya, Leila, and Aaliyah are three Muslim baby girl names that not only popular in the Islamic countries, but has also become a favorite in America.

Source by Julia Sonders