Nutrition and Wellness For Kids

Are you concerned that your child, or children are not getting the proper nutrition? Does the go-go-go schedule have you eating fast food and junk at every turn? A child’s nutrition and exercise is critical to the their overall health and development. Taking just a bit of your time to educate yourself on the proper habits to form as a parent, will go a long ways in your child’s development.

First and foremost, to many kids out there today miss breakfast. Breakfast is a critical piece of the nutrition and wellness puzzle that is way to often over-looked! Kids that miss breakfast significantly increase their chances of becoming overweight, do not learn as efficiently, and their brain functions in a much different manner.

When considering your breakfast purchases for the coming weeks, think fruit, vegetables, grains, fresh juices, and milk.

Assuming your child is in school, know that the lunches provided are in tune with the nutrition that they need. School systems are set up to deliver 1/3 of the nutritional intake your young one needs in per week. So, if your short on time, or the family isn’t made up of early risers, school lunches can be very nutritional for your children.

Dinner is also extremely important and you as the adult need to follow a few simple steps.

Make sure if you are eating out, you watch that kids menu. Kids menu’s are full of salt and fried foods, which are the two of the worst things you can be feeding them. Kids get fixated on that free toy with the meal, but putting your foot down as a parent is your responsibility to them.

If you are cooking dinner at home, try and find items you can bake or grill, not microwave or fry. Put sauces on the side and watch the quantities that you allow them to have. Foods that are smothered in sauces, butter, gravy, and cheeses are generally as a rule of thumb, bad.

Watch the size of the portions you give and again, focus on fruits and vegetables. Salads are a very good option as well with dinner, but salad dressing is the no-no. Stick to oils and watch the amounts used. Salad dressing in quantity is a very bad thing.

Last, but not least, is the exercise that your children get. It is as important as the proper diet and nutrition.

Make sure that your children are getting plenty of activity and in sufficient quantity. Play sports and other physical activities three of more times a week. Do not focus on winners and losers, but rather the exercise benefits being received.

Some children don’t do well in team activities for self-confidence reasons, so be aware of what your child enjoys.

Source by Ysabel Boatman