Benefits – Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a fruit basically from Southeast Asia. The fruit is delicious as well as it has medicinal properties. The fruit is great source of vitamin C and vitamin E. The fruit contains xanthones (class of polyphenols). The two hundred xanthones have been discovered so far and around forty of them are present in this fruit.

Xanthones have properties like anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-convulscent. it also contains catechins, proanthocyanidins, polysharrides and sterols. They have anti-oxidant properties. These neutralize the free radicals produced during the metabolic processes which cause damage to body cells and are responsible for pre-mature ageing. They also prevent diseases like heart disease and cancer. It contains substances to support and boost lymphatic system. The flavones and flavonoids present in the fruit enhance the action of other anti-oxidants in the body. It also improves the body’s immune system. The fruit has anti-microbial properties and efficiently acts against methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and bacteria causing acne. The extract of the fruit is useful for the treatment of conditions like acid dyspepsia, fibromyalgia, otitis externa, eczema, moderate asthma and arthritis.

Mangosteen is good for control of diabetes. Other health benefits of mangosteen include its analgesic (prevention of pain), ulcer prevention (gastric ulcers), anxiety prevention, prevent Alzheimerian, prevent viral and fungal infection, cure depression, prevent allergy, anti pyretic, cure neurological problems, prevent vertigo, osteoporosism seborrheic,cataract and gaucoma. it also has anti arthrosclerotic, hypotensive and hypoglycemic properties.

The exocarp of the fruit is more nutritious and the actual edible and delicious part has less nutrients.

Source by Ajeet K