Cafe Management Software – Challenges, Difficulties and Solutions to Supervising Your Internet Cafe

Internet cafe is a very excellent business option offering customers with admission to the Internet and other computer services. In the event you manage or are planning to manage an Internet cafe, it is essential to hold the perfect cafe management software for operating your shop day-to-day including protecting your enterprise.

I mean, maybe you already have a net connection to your business of some sort anyway, right? Why not leverage it for making a little extra buck or two or three:).

However, operating unmonitored computers you cannot actively supervise and you give access to it to anybody; there is always some pinhead, ramming your PCs and wrecking your setup and operating system.
A few will do it mistakenly, because they do not know any better, while other people are simply pricks and get it done to keep things interesting to make their big ego even bigger. Fact is, in case you leave your PCs uncovered long enough, this will tend to happen and it will happen often.

Now, I am basing on a personal experience: It could be possible spending hours of your time to restore your PCs systems if you don’t posses anything that can help you avoid and deal with such troubles. At the expense of the other, more prosperous tasks you COULD be doing.

Getting a great cafe management software is significant and it must come, in addition to all the other areas of security like backup, anti-virus and so forth.

With these, you can assure the safety of your computers and relevant files, and you could also limit the access to any of the major features of your cafe system, since you can organized for some password protection before any adjustments can be applied.

Another challenge is reducing and handling customer usage on your PCs. It’s just impractical to have workers looking after your customers and manually record the time your customers use at your workstations. It is absolutely simple to use Internet cafe software, which supplies a variety of attributes, including timer software that regulates access time to the computers, which you can execute in a pre-paid way.

I cannot say to you enough how vital it is to generate backups consistently. Hard disks are so inexpensive nowadays; you have totally no excuse not to.

Experience-wise, consistently having some backups for your computer files will save you from lots of complications. I had to experience having my computers crash twice, making me lose all my vital documents before I learned this lesson. You don’t wish that to happen to you, would you?

It is very simple that having the backups of all your computers on the network won’t require a lot of space on your disk so it would be good if you do that. Now if a system crashes, you do not need to waste lots of time on restoring your system.

Viruses and spy-ware are also a main hazard to the protection of your business, and along with cafe management software it is best to set up and configure both anti-virus and firewall applications. Update them routinely (or set it to update quickly), so you would have the most updated editions, because all sorts of people will be visiting all varieties of internet sites, that contains things you never want to look at on your PCs. Because it is not their computer, they will attempt transferring this garbage to your disk.
Now let’s get to the more tech heavy stuff.

Pc registry is a database of nearly all the configurations for your installed applications. Every time you set up or modify a program, alter settings inside a program or remove it, you keep information in the registry.
Each time you do that, you leave mess and leftovers in your computer registry, and that could possibly make your system slow down or hang up. You have probably realized that a new computer runs faster, but when you have used it for some time after it gets slower.

Specific adjustments and fixes to the registry will make your system work faster and greater. It is good to thoroughly clean your registry constantly. If you do not know precisely how to do it, do not be troubled. Have the application from my preferred list to get it done automatically for you.

In addition to the cafe management software, it is vital to provide a basic set of Office applications. This will permit your clients to open up Word or Excel data files and PDF files. A customer will not make use of your business if they cannot do the basic functions they used to do at home or on some other PC.

Additionally you need to have a simple image application to let your customers open their photos and pictures.

Source by Summer Antonov