Bouncy Castle Business, Is It Viable?

One way to look at it is, it depends what country you are in. If you are in the United States then it is viable in many states but in countries such as the United Kingdom where the weather can be sunny and warm one day and wet and windy the next, a bouncy castle business may not be viable.

One the positive side though, a bouncy castle business may not seem as costly as other businesses. You will require a bouncy castle or more depending how many venue’s you plan to supply a castle to. In the UK a decent castle which can hold several children is about £750 – £2000. Other things to take into consideration is the actual transport to move the castle from one place to another, gas, advertising so it can all add up. Whereas if you were to run a ecommerce store, that £750 could go towards stock and internet advertising so pros and cons either side of things.

Offline Advertising

This in theory sounds easy. You get business cards printer off, adverts in the paper and wait for the customers to start ringing. In reality is it much harder as business card prices can mount up and delivering from door to door can be unviable if just starting up. TO delivery even 100 cards means quite a walk and time. Do you get someone else to do them for you, a local company for example. Then there are leaflets in papers, now this price can soon be quiet costly. Whereas to advertise on the search engines in comparison, can be quite cheap. All in all, to make a quick amount of money in the summer months is starting to feel like more hard work than you first thought.

Final thoughts

Those are the realities or at least the first on the list of many when starting a business and a bouncy castle business. What makes a business great is being able to mix with customers who are enjoying themselves and that is partly down to you. Summer days, light evenings and warm weather make a bouncy castle very viable. What you need to look out for is that it is bouncy castles are a seasonal business, so think about what can be done in the winter months. Good Luck.

Source by Rob David Stone