Is There Anybody There? The Thoughts and Frustrations of Someone Trying to Get Started With Blogs

Welcome to my first article. OK I may not be the best writer in the world but I hope you will find a few of these thoughts interesting. Here is yet another newbie trying to get some traffic to his web site. I bet you have seen a lot of these if you are a regular here at eZineArticles. This article is about my early experiences with blogs and web sites.

The reason for the title? Well I have a blog and I have been writing the odd item now for about 18 months. I have a counter on the blog and it has reached over 3,000 ‘hits’ but I am beginning to wonder if there are any ‘real’ people out there. With all the visits I think I have had 1 comment made (and that was an advert for another blog!) and I recently asked visitors to click on a link to one of my web sites about SEO as I was getting no visitors there. I had stated that they did not have to sign up to anything or even buy. I just wanted them to visit the site. I was basically experimenting to see if anybody would at least click on the link.

Well, guess what happened? Nothing!! No comments, no clicks on the link, nothing. So I put in a couple of further requests and still nothing. So it looks like there really is nobody visiting my blog. Do they have bots that trawl the blogs? They must do because the blog does appear in Google if I search for my web site. However I don’t think they affect the counter. Does anybody know? The counter gives me a map of where the visitors are from and they seem to be from the US, UK, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

How tough is it to get a response from users? Is there a magic wand to drive traffic to your site? If you believe some of these internet ‘gurus’ there is (that is if you are prepared to pay them $47 or some other figure that ends in 7).

OK, well this is my attempt to publicize my web sites, give some solace to other users who are in the same boat and maybe, just maybe help some others. Visit the blog and see my mutterings. Maybe even make a friend or two (says Mr. Nomates).

Source by Richard R Chambers