Beachbody 2 Day Fast – Does The Beachbody 2 Day Fast Really Work?

People have been asking me lately about the beachbody 2 day fast product and until recently I hadn’t tried it. Now just finishing my 2 day fast I can give an honest review of this product.

Usually I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to any type of rapid weight loss product but after seeing success with Beachbody’s training programs I decided to give it a shot. More so for ridding my body of toxins than the weight loss factor. The 2 day fast arrived at my door along with instructions on how to best use it.

It comes in 2 small containers and advises you to start your fast on the weekend when you are not expending a lot of energy at work. You have 2 flavors to choose from: vanilla and chocolate. I chose the chocolate and it had a decent taste to it. You will take 1 scoop and add 8 ounces of water which you will need to stir vigorously or you could use a blender to get out any lumps.

You will make this shake 3 times a day replacing your meals and also drink an 8 ounce glass of water a couple hours in between each of your shakes. The first day around lunch time I was starving but after having the second shake it seemed to get rid of some of the hunger cravings.

Before going to bed for the evening I was thinking how hungry I would be the next morning but when I awoke I didn’t notice any cravings. I finished my second day with the shake and I could feel my energy starting to dwindle.

With Beachbody’s 2 day fast I did manage to lose 5 pounds which amazed me and I even started to feel less sluggish and bloated when I started eating again. It was more mental I believe as far as being able to go to 2 days without eating but it was a learning experience that I think I will continue every couple of months just to get rid of my body’s toxins.

Source by Mike Erwin