Open House Must Have. Stylish Folding Bootie Bin with Sign Asking Visitors to Cover Shoes, Just Fill with Disposable Shoe Covers. Great for Realtors & For Sale by Owners. Real Estate Supplies. Beige.

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Finally, an attractive Bootie Bin that suites most any décor, and it is a PERFECT size! When you select shoe covers to put inside of this bin, consider the following recommendations. This storage cube can hold 100 disposable shoe covers, but 50 shoe covers are often sufficient depending on your traffic. For Sale By Owner Sellers and Realtors, when showing a home it is critical to show that you take good care of it, show Buyers that you treat the home with care.
A shoe Basket often looks sloppy when shoe covers are tossed in them, and because placed at an entryway, it can be the first impression you make. Select a bootie bin that shows a little style, while offering instruction to the newcomer, so you do not have to hound every new attendee to put on booties for shoe covers.
1. People do not like to remove their shoes, no matter what they say!
2. Convenience. When a visitor wants to tour your backyard, they have to go back to the front door to retrieve their shoes, then remove again to get back to the front door! Urgh!
3. Hygienic concerns. Feet or socks might be unsanitary, so asking people to remove their sandals or shoes can prove risky. Disposable shoe booties are a more hygienic alternative. 
Great new home gift ideas for housewarming gifts for men or housewarming gifts for women.   
This fabric bin politely asks visitors to utilize the shoe covers. Attractive bin, Size 11” Wide X 10.5” Heigh X 10.5” Deep. Spot clean and air dry.
✔️REALTOR OPEN HOUSES. An attractive foldable fabric bin with a handmade canvas sign that politely asks visitors to use shoe covers. A MUST HAVE for any Real Estate Agent or Brokerage to offer disposable shoe covers at EVERY home they host an open house for. Open houses can be a flurry of activity this box will assist a busy Realtor on instructing unattended potential Buyers upon entry to cover their shoes while waiting for a home tour.
✔️LISTING AGENT SUPPLIES. Bring one of these bins to every home you have for sale, then fill it with your preferred shoe covers. Help Buyers Agents and their Buyer clients who have scheduled private showings to understand a homeowner’s preference to have visitors and fellow Realtors wear shoe covers. We like the message it sends to a Buyer, A LOT! Show your Seller clients that you value their home and ask that those invited in for a showing will treat it kindly.
✔️FOR SALE BY OWNERS FSBO. This foldable bin advertises the respect you have for your home to potential Buyers. Asking Buyers to cover shoes while in your home sends a powerful message to a potential Buyer. Buyers LOVE Sellers who are particular about the cleanliness of their homes, it increases confidence that your home has been meticulously cared for.
✔️HOMEOWNERS. Ask visitors to cover their shoes while at your home, to protect it from dirt. It can be uncomfortable to ask people to cover their shoes, so this bin does it for you. Fill it with disposable booties or reusable booties. You could leave the bin out year-round, or just for when hosting events. If your home is for sale or you are completing renovations, it is highly recommended to offer boot covers at your entryway. Also, a great addition to a housewarming party!
✔️A PERFECT GIFT. This attractive Collapsible Bin makes an excellent house warming gift or use as a gift bag to fill with more housewarming gifts. Also an excellent gift idea for a Realtor, a For Sale By Owner, or someone getting construction completed at their home. Lenders who attend open houses with their favorite Realtor to find a Buyer, bringing this bin and filling with shoe covers is a great professional contribution.