Increase Sexual Desire For Women – Drive Her Wild All the Time!

As we know, simple exercises and gentle massage can turn on a woman and increase sexual desire for women. All of this leads to healthy relationships, well-being and enhanced sexual energy.

There is, on the other hand, a technique for women called the Exercise of the Deer that balances the female hormonal situation, enhances sexual energy and promotes a youthful appearance and lifestyle.

The doe or female deer remains youthful her entire life and is graceful and sexually active for her whole life, according to ancient Taoists. The following exercise is known as the Exercise of the Deer, specifically for women. If practiced every morning and evening, it will give you all of the qualities of the female deer.


You must engage in a warm shower or bath before starting this exercise. The room must be neither cold nor warm and you must be able to perform the exercise naked. Find an appropriate place to sit down cross-legged. A firm bed is okay but you can also use an exercise mat.

Step 1

You first need to draw one foot into the vaginal area and push the vagina open with your foot. If this is not possible, use a rubber ball (a small one) that you can push against to open the vagina. Press down deeply but not so much that it hurts.

You will feel it releasing your sexual energy and will feel sexual stimulation. Remember that you are learning how to increase sexual desire for women.

Step 2 – Stimulation of the Breasts

With both of your hands, place them flat on your breasts and massage each breast in a motion that is circular and slow. Go clockwise on the left breast and go counterclockwise on the right breast. Use lotion or talcum to prevent excess friction on the breasts.

Stop for a moment and feel the extra blood flow to the breasts and the tingling feeling in your breasts. Massage the breasts for 360 revolutions total.

Step 3 – The Inflow of Vital Energy

Use one hand to massage one of your breasts and use the other hand to press the vaginal opening further. Contract your vaginal muscles in order to increase sexual desire for women. These are the Kegel exercises you’ve heard about.

Start with a mild contraction and then strengthen it so that it is strong. Hold the strongest contraction for as long as possible. Do this as many times as is comfortably possible. Insert a finger into your vagina to make sure you are doing it right.

The exercise will enhance the vitality of your sexual experience and is a good way to increase sexual desire for women. It balances the sexual hormones and your partner will notice the difference in your vaginal tone.

The exercise of the deer will help increase sexual desire for women and will make them feel younger and more healthful, especially if you utilize a healthy diet and some exercise. This exercise will increase your sexual energy every time, when practiced regularly.

Source by Linda Scheifer