Twitter Followers – 2 Ways to Grow Them Faster

Twitter is now firmly part of the ‘marketing mix.’ It is clear that web marketers are now using Twitter as a list building web site. Some have a following numbering over 7,000 and that means they will get considerable exposure of their marketing offers.

If you have ever considered doing Twitter marketing, have you thought about how best to grow your list of followers? Marketers with joint venture partners whose lists reach out to hundreds of thousands of people are obviously always operating at a massive advantage. Some would call it an unfair advantage. These marketers can use incentives to motivate thousands of people to join their mailing lists and their Twitter groups. These followings can explode overnight.

So existing email lists and business networks are the first method used to increase your number of Twitter followers. You can also search for people inside Twitter and follow them. You will be surprised at how many people will reciprocate and decide to follow you.

However, apart from joint venture networks and email lists, there is now a second main method springing up all over The Internet. Developers are creating viral systems that anyone can use and promote. These viral marketing methods are a great leveller because they can take an unknown individual and rocket him or her into Twitter stardom virtually overnight. The variants of these new systems are expanding almost organically.

The first one to come to the writer’s attention was: — a site programmed by Frank Bauer of Sydney, Australia. This is a viral system where each user is given a unique URL to promote. The more you promote it, the more followers you get, automatically. Another site for rapidly growing your follower list is: where you can pay to be shown at the top of the web page. You can also take part at no charge. This system is surprisingly effective. People tend to click away merrily on the top group, to follow others there. The only drawback is that the site keeps posting updates into your Twitter account, without notifying you first, and using several different domain names.

In conclusion, you can grow your Twitter followers faster by having a vast network of joint venture partners with big mailing lists, or you can join the numerous viral marketing web sites that are designed for multiplying your Twitter followers.

There is an increasing spam problem at Twitter and they occasionally flush out members who are involved in dubious or ‘spammy’ activities. One example of this is to post an unrelated advertisement in a trending topic zone, purely to grab extra attention to the ad. Twitter moderators are on to these tricks and thousands have seen their accounts vaporized without notice. So when testing your marketing offers on Twitter, be careful to follow the proper guidelines and web etiquette. Entertain and amuse others, while building their valuable respect.

Source by Geoff Dodd