Can a Simple Box Really Make You Slim?

One thing I am not a fan of is fad diets and new products that claim you can lose weight fast with minimal effort. Once you’ve purchased it and try it out you realize it was all a big lie. Well it seems this amazing new product ‘The Slim Girls Box of Secrets’ can do just that and I am so excited about this product.

‘The Slim Girls Box of Secrets’ is unlike anything else you will have tried, you don’t need to go to the gym, you can eat whatever you like as there are no banned foods and it promises you can lose 14 pounds or more in a month or you can have your money back.

I decided to get reviewing and contacted Ali Campbell the nutritionist to the stars, who is the brains behind this new product. Once the product arrived I opened the stylish box to find it contained: 2 DVD’s, 2 CD’s, a 220-page book and a styling kit, it looked incredibly impressive.

After watching the interesting DVD’s, I relaxed to the hypnosis CD’s and read through the book, which is such an easy book to follow. I realized this program was not based upon dieting and exercising but was focused around the battle in your mind and how winning that can boost weight loss. It covers such areas as:

Why you must let go of feeling ‘fat’

How to ‘switch off’ emotional hunger

How to lose weight whilst sitting on the couch, and plenty more.

It may seem surreal but I decided to speak to the man behind the box, Ali Campbell, to see why this approach is so successful.

Ali Campbell is a nutritionist, life coach and hypnotherapist to the stars taught by the famous Paul McKenna. He can boast a long list of clients stretching from the royal family to Mica Paris. He said that conventional weight loss programs focus on changing too much and in fact weight loss can begin by simply changing your own mental perspective. This type of program has never been released before so it is unique in everyway. The contents of the box are easy to follow but you also receive online support along your journey from some of the best coaches, personal trainers, therapists and stylists in the world. Such people as:

Ali Campbell

Nicky Hambleton-Jones (10 years younger, CH4)

Annie Ashdown (Life coach on Kyles Academy, ITV)

Dr Carole McAlister, and many more.

I am trying to think of bad things to say about this product but all in all it seems great, not to mention the many success stories highly publicized in all top UK fashion magazines. I guess not all the people who purchase this product will lose 14 pounds in one month but with a 45-day money back guarantee I think it’s pretty obvious this product is genuine. If it’s not right for you, you always have the security of sending it back.

I personally have a lot of confidence in this product. My sister decided to take my box and give it a go and within her first two weeks she had lost 6 pounds. Due to this, my conclusion is that I would definitely recommend The Slim Girls Box of Secrets. It is a safe, healthy, supportive method of losing weight.

Source by Louisa Medley