Chaldean Numerology Says Letters Have Meanings – So What Do Your Initials Say About You?

If you have read any of my past articles on the hidden meanings behind the letters of your name, it should come as no surprise when I tell you that your initials actually mean something. Mine are HAL — like the crazy on board computer in Kubrick’s Odyssey — but that’s another story. So what are your initials? Are you wondering what they might have to say about you?

Well, that’s why I’m here — to let you in on this secret you likely didn’t even know you were keeping.

Briefly, the practice of numerology goes back hundreds of years before Mr. Pythagoras burst onto the scene — he was the Greek mathematician who popularized the so-called ‘Western’ system that is still in use today — however, the father of this system was known as ‘Chaldean’ as it sources back to an area called Chaldea (otherwise known as the ‘cradle of civilization’). Even modern numerologists often concur that the Chaldean chart is much more accurate but they also agree that it is simply too difficult for the average brain to wrap itself around. One of the unusual aspects of this ancient art was and is that it involves the elemental meanings of each of the letters in our alphabet — after all, it is highly unlikely that the alphabet just dropped out of the sky one fine morning: it had a distinct beginning and grew based on a system similar to ‘hieroglyphics’ in that each symbol carried a particular meaning or set of meanings.

Enough of that — let’s get to the good stuff.

Is one of your initials an M or a D or maybe a T? Since all of these letters are ruled by the number four (which is very reliable and consistent — consider the 4 seasons, the 4 winds, the 4 directions, the 4 corners of a house), chances are good that you will consider yourself as responsible, reliable, stable and loyal. And chances are also good that you will really have all of these admirable and honorable traits.

However, there is more to the picture — if the D/4 is a Door; the M/4 a Mountain (range) and the T/4 a plus sign (+), then the D might need to open up to other vistas; the M might need to blow off steam and the T might need to understand that less is more — in other words, a thousand interests do not allow expertise in many, while one allows mastery.

To put another spin on it — think about the D, or the ‘Door’ again. We need to ‘travel’ through a Door of sorts to become…Dead. We also need to travel through a door to…Dream. Doors can be seen as the Dividers between light and Dark, health and Disease; close and Distant. Can you picture the energy of the D? It can be closed or it can be open — the choice is up to the individual — but generally, the D is challenged to open up; to take risks, to go outside his or her comfort zones…and to release control at least once in a while.

Right, so now that I have started, I guess I shouldn’t leave all of you Ms and Ts hanging.

The M is the only letter of the alphabet that is pronounced with the mouth closed — and that is illustrative of its meaning — visualize the strength of a looming and silent mountain and you will understand the essence of the M. Like any good mountain, it will probably blow up at some point — but on a daily basis, it tends to keep itself under wraps — all is contained beneath a mantle of rock, or an impassive exterior. The M refers to that which is hidden or secret in some way, yet is very real even in its camouflage…the words mother (think gestation), marine (think below the surface), magic and mystery suggest its ‘covered’ energies. The typical M will probably benefit by, as mentioned, blowing off some steam now and again and letting others know what is going on inside their proverbial ‘mountain’ before they develop a crack and blow sky high.

The T/4, on the other hand, refers to the plus sign (+) and as such, is energetic, social and interested in just about anything — and therein lies its ‘rub’. The T can have so many interests (whether they involve people, places or things) that foundations can be difficult to build and commit to. Translated, the T often has many paramours, jobs, homes…you get the idea, right? The odd thing is that no matter how many of the aforementioned the T is involved with, it will always prove responsible for the duration — the operative word here being ‘duration’!

Have I piqued your curiosity? If so, pop over to my site and find out what your initials, or even your entire name energy says about you. The complete meanings of the alphabet and the number scale are listed under Chaldean Numerology…it’s good reading!

Source by Heather Lagan