3 Benefits of Linear Compensation

First of all, before we can go into the benefits of a linear compensation plan, it is imperative to understand what the term linear means. According to dictionary.com, the term linear refers to “the resembling, represented by, or consisting of a line or lines.” Also, it refers to a structure or setup that is one-dimensional. So basically, linear means one line. The three benefits that will be discussed in this article are as follows:

• Positioning

• Ease of Duplication

• Retention

When it comes to positioning, the location of a customer is time-stamped and whenever someone is added to program, they immediately become a part of someone’s organization. For example, if A is located in California and becomes a part of the organization at 12:00 noon, and B is located in New York and becomes a part of the organization at 12:01, then B is in A’s down-line organization. So this leads me back to my point. This is one of the benefits of a linear compensation plan. You not only benefit from your personal work, but you’re positioning which is equally important. As the overall organization grows, so does the personal organization of each person who joins. This is just one of the benefits of a linear compensation plan.

With the state of our economy and our particular lifestyles, we must have multiple streams of income in order to achieve some sense of security. Using a linear compensation plan is a tremendously explosive way to accelerate your income and put you in control of your life and retirement. Because of this plan, massive growth can take place and a person’s organizational growth can grow exponentially. This is exceptional, especially when growth is not totally depended upon personal efforts. Customers from various locations are added daily. This is another reason the plan is so attractive which leads to ease of duplication.

The last benefit of a linear compensation plan is called retention. When the organization is assembled, it is important to keep the organization together and operational. Within any organization it is not only important to acquire customers, but to be able to retain them. With the linear compensation plan, customers will be more reluctant to leave when their organization grows on a daily basis just because of their positioning. Furthermore, with a little effort, incomes continually grow in the process. Over the years I have encountered various compensation plans. However, I have never seen anything like a linear compensation concept. To take advantage of these benefits and increase your financial leverage, dalanski.com provides a way to do that.

Source by Dalanski Robinson