Botox & Dermal Fillers & Things We Can Do To Keep Facial Ageing At Bay

Ageing is part of life, it starts with wrinkles and crows feet, then comes sagging skin and volume loss in the face. Although it might take a bit more effort, we can still look youthful going into our forties, fifties and beyond.

Protection from the sun

Prevention is the key, so always use sun screen products with high SPF in the ingredients to protect the skin from the sun, always remembering to reapply throughout the day. UV rays from the sun tend to damage the epidermis and this is the main cause of wrinkles, sun spots, pigmentation and many other signs of skin ageing. To further protect the skin, instead of getting a real suntan, try wearing fake-tan.

Facial expressions

Repeated facial movements and expressions lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Each time you use a facial muscle a groove forms beneath the surface of the skin. As the skin ages, it loses its flexibility and no longer springs back into place, so to prevent lines and wrinkles you should try to stop pursing your lips, frowning and squinting. Be aware that all facial movements, when done repetitively, can cause frown lines and wrinkles to appear, and remain on the face.

Face exercises

Facial workouts are a beauty trend that have emerged in the past few years. Undertaking certain facial exercises for thirty minutes every day can help to give you a younger-looking appearance as it increases blood circulation to all three layers of the skin, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach cells. The muscles in the face, just like any other muscle, will deteriorate as we get older and doing facial exercises will keep your facial muscles looking toned and this will to keep your face looking young and vibrant.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliation is an important part of a beauty routine, as it’s one of the best ways to renew the skin. When we exfoliate it gently scrubs the face removing dead skin, unclogging the pores and making the skin more receptive to a moisturising cream. Exfoliating once a week will improve the look and texture of the skin.

Cleanse, tone and moisturise

Every morning and night we wash our face to take away the sweat, dirt and pollution which collects on the face. Failure to wash thoroughly will result in a build up of dead skin, make-up and dirt, leading to spots and dull skin. Toning helps to remove any left-over make-up or impurities and helps to close and tighten the pores. Moisturising the skin daily helps to prevent water loss and will restore the skin’s moisture, enhancing its texture.

When it comes to ageing skin we should also take cosmetic treatments, such as Botox and Dermal Fillers into consideration. Even with all the care we give to our skin with anti-ageing products, it still won’t stop the eventual signs of getting older. Botox and Dermal Fillers can relax the facial muscles that cause fine lines and wrinkles, and will replace lost volume, making us look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Source by Mags Whyler