Beta Sitosterol For Women – The Natural Supplement For Hair Loss

Found in wheat germ, rice, avocado and various plant products and oils, Beta Sitosterol for women is proving to be more than just good for all around health. There is also evidence that it is a natural supplement for hair loss. It has a wide range of health benefit, so taking this product in supplement form boosts the immune system, reduces cholesterol levels, offers anti-cancer properties, and in men, is great for the prostrate.

Despite its scary almost chemical sounding name, this is an all-natural plant based food supplement and not only does it help women with hair loss, it also helps men. It’s just not clear how!

In Men, DHT is blamed for male pattern baldness. DHT is normal testosterone which has been converted into bad testosterone by an over-abundance of enzyme 5 alpha reductase. Beta sitosterol seems to stop this enzyme dead in its tracks so it works on the androgens in the male to normalize hormone imbalances. It works in much the same way with estrogen and other hormones in females, which may also be responsible for hair-fall.

Studies have been conducted on test subjects showing classic signs of androgenic alopecia, and female pattern baldness, and outcomes after four months of testing showed positive results. On the basis of this study, 60% of the subjects showed improved scalp hair growth while only 11% in the placebo group showed improvement. This was not a very large study, but the results are certainly sufficient to show that this natural supplement does make a difference and it has so many other health benefits also.

Results of 60% improvement after four months of treatment at 50mg per day are pretty good results. Only time will tell if what beta sitosterol does is stop excessive hair shed, or if it can actually spark new life into nearly dead follicles. It also makes an interesting comparison with results yielded from synthetic substances such as Propecia, Rogaine and others.

Because this substances is believed to have estrogen blocking properties this makes it a natural choice for males with high levels of this hormone. Estrogen in males is very bad for the prostrate, and have you ever seen a bald man with man boobs? Not a pretty sight!

Inflammation, bacteria, viruses, and fungi can also be responsible for excessive hair-fall and beta sitosterol has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, viral and bacterial properties. It has also been observed to dramatically improve the appearance of acne in female subjects, so at this juncture, it seems to be able to do no wrong, or harm for that matter.

Source by V K Rajagopalan