Lyric Video Template 2


It’ s easily editable! No keyframing is required! Control the timing of animation with comp markers! Just move the comp marker for every text / phrase and it’s done! Detailed Video tutorial is included!

Watch it on YouTube (HD resolution)

You don’t have to be an expert on After Effects! You can adjust everything with markers and controlers!

Lyric Video Template 2 - 1


  • Animation In & Out
  • Text colors
  • Camera shaking (adjust or remove it)


  • Animation In duration and timing
  • Fading out duration and timing
  • Text colors
  • Camera shaking

Create your lyrics video with unlimited scenes! Put any background you want (media or color)!


  • 21 pre-animated titles. Duplicate them and use them again!
  • 5 film burn elements are included
  • film dust element is included
  • Bonus vertical version!
  • No plug-in is required
  • Universal expressions! It works in Non – English After Effects Versions!
  • Two versions are included
  • Detailed video tutorial is included!
  • It works on After Effects cs6 and above!
  • The video footage is not included
  • Music is not included. Purchase the first music track on audiojungle by TimMcMorris


    Send me the youtube or vimeo link of your lyric video that was created by this template and they can be shared on videologio’s social media and be featured on videologio’s website!

New Premiere Pro CC version is available too!

Happy Clients!

Lyric Video Template 2 - 2

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Lyric Video Template 2 - 3

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Lyric Video Template 2 - 4