Bodylastics Chest Exercises – Build a Powerful Chest With These Top 3 Bodylastics Chest Exercises

So many of my clients always ask me — “What is the best way to build a rock hard muscular chest using exercise resistance bands?”

Well to answer their question and perhaps yours… here are the best three bodylastics chest exercises.

One of the great things about the Bodylastics workout system is the door attachment. This simple– yet effective device allows you to attach these resistance bands to either the top the middle or the bottom of any door. Why is this so important? Simply because it allows you to utilize the exercise bands in a way that is similar to an expensive cable system.

For example here is my favorite 3 chest exercises that attack and build the upper– the middle– and the lower pectoral muscle:is

1. Attach the bands to the door attachment — then place the door attachment carefully to the door making sure it will not slip.

2. Grab the handles of the resistance exercise bands while facing away from the door. (In other words your back is to the door)

3. Press the handles away from your chest to approximately eye level in this incline chest movement. This exercise works the upper chest giving you that high and volatile look that most men desire.

You can easily turn this exercise to develop your middle and lower chest just like directing your hands towards the middle or the lower part of your chest as you press the handles. You can superset these three exercises by doing one set of 8 to 12 repetitions for your upper chest then with no rest — perform another 8 to 12 repetitions for your middle chest and then finally perform 8 to 12 repetitions pushing downwards for your lower chest. At this point rest for approximately 60 seconds to 90 seconds and then begin another giant set.

Structuring your workout program in this manner will give you a lean muscular chest that you’ll be proud to show off anytime you’re at the beach.

Source by Robert Deangelo