How to Increase Testosterone Naturally in Men

Testosterone is the hormone that gives you your male characteristics. It is the hormone that controls libido and sexual function in men. Not only this, your bulging biceps, angular physique, strong bones and aggressive behavior are also attributes of this hormone.

Unfortunately, the production of this hormone in your body begins slowing down with age and this tends to result in lower libido, erectile dysfunction, weight gain, lethargy and fatigue, weaker bones, mood swings etc.,

However, there are ways to increase testosterone naturally.

 How to Increase Testosterone Naturally in Men

1. Begin Working out

If you do not exercise, its time to begin working out. If you aim to boost testosterone production in your body, then intense workouts are what you need. Intense and short workouts are great for increasing testosterone production. Compound exercise work the best since they put stress on a group of muscles.

However, over training can be bad since it can lead to an increase in Cortisol levels that affects testosterone adversely.

2. Eat Smaller, frequent meals

Now, this is not about weight loss. But fact of the matter is that having smaller frequent meals not only result in weight loss but also keeps your testosterone levels high throughout the day.

Moreover, avoid foods that are rich in carbohydrates since they elevate Insulin level in blood which affects testosterone negatively.

3. Say No to Soy

Though a large number of soy products are being promoted as products, stay away from them. Soy and soy products increase estrogen level in your body which has an adverse impact on testosterone levels.

4. Say No to Alcohol

Though it can make you drop your inhibitions, alcohol can drop your testosterone levels. Even two drinks a day can cause a significant drop in your testosterone levels.

5. Bust Stress

Stress increases cortisol level in your body. This inhibits testosterone production. try to relax and reduce stress in life. Your body will reward you with greater sexual potency and overall health.

6. Natural Testosterone Supplements

Besides this, there are some natural testosterone supplements that can also be a big help. Such supplements are an amalgamation of natural herbs and other nutrients that stimulate the production of testosterone in your body.

Tribulus terrestris, long jack, l-arginine, ginseng and ginkgo are some of the natural ingredients that are well known for increasing testosterone production in your body.

Testosterone supplements not only boost your libido or sex drive and ensure powerful erections but also help you gain lean muscle, reduce body fat, enhance energy levels etc., They can provide a complete body makeover without any side effects.

Top notch supplements are clinically approved and endorsed by reputed doctors.

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Source by Paul Norman