Everlast Resistance Bands – 3 Common Mistakes To Avoid

If you’re interested in purchasing Everlast resistance bands, then you may want to sit and read every single word in this article and find out 3 common mistakes people make when shopping for exercise tubing. After reading this article, you’ll be more aware of what to avoid and ultimately it will save you money so, that you in turn do not make the same mistakes.

Mistake #1: “You Decide to Buy Exercise Tubes That Only Allow One Band to Be Attached to the Handle. “

People make this mistake way too often, they find a set of bands that are already attached to the handle and they come with 78 or less of tension. Here’s the problem with this mistake. To get the progressive resistance that you need to build muscle you need more weight or resistance. In order to get more attention, you will need to spend more money. So, your initial $40 bucks turns into $80 or more. Which may then turn into $120, you get the idea? If you will do some looking around you will find a manufacturer that offers a product that allows you to attach multiple tubes to one handle. So that in essence what you have is an adjustable dumbbell. In fact, they also use what’s called a “door anchor” which will allow you to do additional exercise movements. With this home gym called Bodylastics you’ll be able to do more than 140 different muscle building movements. Make sure that if you consider the Everlast resistance bands that you purchase the door anchor.

Mistake #2: “They Purchase a Set of Exercise Tubing That Doesn’t Come with a Replacement or Defects Warranty.”

This is a very big mistake in our opinion. You see, after a while all bands or tubes will lose their tensile strength. At this point you know how much resistance you are getting. That’s why it’s crucial to find a manufacturer that will offer a replacement or defects warranty. In our research we have only found two companies that offer a defects or replacement warranty. These two companies are Bodylastics and Ripcords. With either of these two companies if you’re bands should snap break or crack they will replace them sometimes for free. Other times, they will just charge you a small amount of money for shipping and handling.

Mistake #3: “They Don’t Know How Much Tension or Resistance They’re Getting.”

While on the surface you might think that this is unlikely, there are many manufacturers that will not tell you on their website exactly how much tension each band will provide you. This makes it all but impossible to workout properly. You see, the essence of building muscle and getting ripped is a principle called progressive resistance. You must strive each and every workout to use more and more tension. If you cannot track exactly how much tension you are using an each workout you will not be able to build muscle size. Even if your goal is to tone your muscles, it still very important to be able to measure and monitor your growth.

We have discussed three of the biggest mistakes that people make when buying any type of resistance bands. Make sure that the system you purchase allows you to attach multiple bands to one handle. Next, purchase only a system that comes with some kind of replacement or defects warranty. And finally, make sure that they clearly spell out exactly how much tension each fan or two will provide you.

By avoiding these three mistakes you are well on your way to not only save money by getting a home gym that will help you reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals. Keep these tips in mind when you go out to buy Everlast resistance bands.

Source by Joseph Milano