Best Chest Workout and Exercises

Chest muscles are one of the biggest groups of muscles in our upper body. We use them for pushing activities. With stronger chest muscles, you will be able to lift more weight. In order to get big attractive pecs, you will have to improve your muscles with a workout that helps you achieve that goal.

The Basics of Best Chest Workout

Many people feel that heavy bench lifting is the only way to improve chest muscles. A strong and well chiseled chest will improve your body shape. There are many specific exercises that target all parts of your chest, however, the best chest workout will depend on your personal choice and requirements. Some of the exercises are Barbell bench press, Dumbbell press exercises, Poly metric Push ups, dips, Dumbbell Flyes, and Cable crossovers. Chest dips are the best exercises for lower chest workout while, the best way to improve your inner chest muscles is to do cable crossovers for 10 or 15 easy reps.

The best chest workout can be looked at in three categories. Some chest exercises are best for attaining an impressive chest, some other set of chest workouts are used to increase the strength of your chest muscles and the third category of chest workouts are some easy workouts that will help you simply keep your chest in fine shape.

Best Chest workout for building bigger chest

Dumbbell chest exercises are one of the best workouts for building up an impressive chest. These exercises are easier for those who are suffering from rotator cuff injuries or some other shoulder problems. You can improve your pectoral by performing Dumbbell chest exercises regularly.

Cable chest press is another effective chest exercise that can help you to keep constant stress throughout the exercise. This will also improve your balance and coordination. Cable chest press requires a systematic manner of action by every chest muscle. This exercise is more effective then dumbbell exercises to strengthen chest muscles.

The best chest workout includes bench press exercises which are highly efficient in providing complete workout for your chest muscles. Bench presses are complicated exercises and should be performed carefully. Wrong technique of bench press exercise may cause injuries to your joints, shoulder or triceps.

Sports person prefer to use poly metric push ups which are also known as explosive push ups exercise. Poly metric push ups helps in inducing more strength in your chest muscles. Explosive push ups require the strength of chest muscles and the elasticity of shoulder muscles. If you are interested in field games like baseball, hockey or football, you will need extra power in your chest while running against your opponents. Poly metric push ups are the best chest workout that will help you to attain this extra power. You may opt to use different versions of poly metric chest push ups such as depth push ups and explosive clap push ups.

Iso-lateral dumbbell bench press will also help the people interested in sports because by performing iso-lateral dumbbell bench press, you will not only increase the strength of your chest muscles, but it will also make you realize about the stronger arm. If you want to improve the strength of your weaker arm, you may increase it by performing iso-lateral dumbbell bench press while using the weaker arm.

If you are trying to reduce your weight, the best chest workout for you will include stability ball dumbbell chest press and stability ball bench press exercises.

Source by Saleh Omari