Pet Sitters Wanted


YOU SELDOM SEE CAPTIONS LIKE THIS AND IT IS NOT BECAUSE SUCH OPPORTUNITIES ARE RARE but because they are special. Many householders would like to leave their pets at home to take that vacation they have always wanted, but they don’t want to leave their precious bundle alone or with “just anyone”. Pet Sitting, a must job for the 21st century, is often paired with another important profession; House Sitting. Since life goes on even when you are away from home, there are numerous reasons why a homeowner might require an individual with specialized skills to manage the home in the family’s absence. These reasons could include any or a combination of the following:

  • Electrical appliances often left unplugged
  • Water taps left on and running
  • Internal and external yard maintenance
  • Medical emergencies for pets
  • Veterinarian visits and appointments

And the list goes on…

Blessing In Disguise

Thankfully, there’s a solution to these problems and if you don’t have a close friend or relative who you can trust with your loved one, this position becomes even more necessary when you plan on taking that vacation or travel away from home. Then there is also the issue of home security since burglary has increased in residential homes over the past decades. Having a trustworthy House Sitter or Pet Sitter can calm the tension is your mind and put you at ease.

The Source

There are House-care businesses that provide databases of homeowners and house/pet sitters. These innovative enterprises allow members to post their profiles so other members can easily match their needs.

These user-friendly sites are easy to navigate, with articles and tips on how to choose from a pool of qualified and competent candidates in any particular location. Whether you are recruiting or offering your services, useful literature includes:

  • Standard guidelines of a house-sitting agreement
  • Why choose house-sitting
  • How to register and communicate through the site.
  • Information on homeowners’ insurance, security and bill-payment
  • Profiles of registered recruiters and potential candidates

When you are finally ready to look for a candidate, it allows browsers to enter a few search criteria (such as location) and browse the listings of prospective house-sitters or recruiters. Otherwise, just register your availability and preferences, and wait to be contacted by a member in your area who’s desperate for a little peace of mind.

Who says there are no good jobs around anymore? Well, Pet Sitting/House-sitting is the way to go for this new era where everything is fast paced and people need to be where the money and action is. Much as you love them, your pet should not be the reason you can’t expand your horizons or enjoy yourself and that is why we provide connections that could be the solution you problem.

This business understands the importance of selecting the most reliable sitters to care for your most valued assets and companions. They also provide exceptional service and is dedicated to the satisfaction of its members. The effective features of the site substantiate the claim, “Peace of Mind While You’re Away.”

Source by Osric Griffiths