Nutritional Value of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes’ history goes back to a very long time ago. People started consuming sweet potatoes from back in the day. It is one of the oldest vegetables on this earth as they are cultivated long way back. It is, however, not a huge wonder why they are widely used today since the vegetable is sweet, tasty and very versatile when it comes to preparation and presentation. It is grown in almost every part of the world. There are very many types of potatoes almost totaling 400. The color of the insides of these potatoes also varies ranging from orange to white to yellow. The outer skin color also has its varieties and they include white, orange, red or purple in color. The sweet potato is a very nutritious and can be eaten as a cooked vegetable or cooked and mixed in dishes.

The sweet potato can boast of having the following vitamins -vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E. The minerals found in this potato include potassium, magnesium and beta carotene. It also contains a lot of anti-oxidants.

The sweet potato has a lot of health benefits. Here are some examples of its health benefits:

• It is able to reduce the chance of suffering from diabetes or heart disease.
• Sweet potatoes also reduce the chance of becoming obese.
• The residual water that remains after one has boiled the potatoes can be used to cure arthritis. It also helps ease joint pains. This can be done by applying the boiled water where one is experiencing the pains.
• The fiber that is found in this potato helps in the bowel function. It reduces constipation. The fiber also reduces the chance of getting rectal cancer.
• They can also aid those who need to lose weight. This is because once consumed; it gives a person a feeling of fullness but does not lead to much gain weight. With the fullness, it will help control your food intake.
• These potatoes also contain potassium. The potassium helps boost the body fluid maintaining capacity. The potassium also helps maintain the integrity of the cells and balance of the electrolyte.
• Sweet potatoes contain beta carotene, which in turn, also helps in fighting off the free radicals in the body. These free radicals are known to contribute to cancer risk.
• They also help in the purification of the blood and maintain the blood pressure.
• If taken on a regular basis they can help cure an inflamed colon. It also helps reduce pains developing from ulcers.
• Sweet potatoes are also known to increase the density of the bone. This is because they have very high amount of calcium, thus, helping in bone formation and in making these bones stronger.
• They also help treat sleeping sickness.
• These potatoes also prevent hardening of veins and arteries walls.

The great taste of sweet potatoes coupled with all the health benefits should entice you to include them in your meals regularly. Aside from cooking them in dishes, you can also boil sweet potatoes for snacks.

Source by Carlyn McKinley